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Apr 23

Crone sits in ugly tack, remains in denial about horse’s fatness

It was windy the day the butt-fugly treeless endurance saddle arrived. This meant that test-riding it on Pearl (see Figure 1), my recently recommissioned Arabian endurance prospect, would be out of the question. Pearl objects on principle to wind, and, of late, to saddles. Yes, it has dawned on me that these contingencies might be …

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Mar 18

Field notes from the Equine Behavioral Studies Dept.

Stella. March 2009.

My young grey mare Pearl looks like a little porcelain unicorn, but she has fearsome intellective powers, which powers she unfortunately inclines toward the service of evil. Her practical jokes include bucking me off, terrorizing the other mares, throwing her feed pan in the air, kicking down stall boards, and, the latest addition to her …

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Feb 24

The Fresh New Arcadian Horror

Decades before I ever thought I’d hang up my Les Paul and repair to the countryside to cultivate my eccentric reclusiveness, my college pal Leslie dropped out of society. She bagged her life of nonstop excitement and glamorous adventure in Chicago and biffed off to Bumfuck, Kentucky to raise endangered farm animals. I’m sayin, Kentucky. …

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Feb 15

Hay there

We were down to about 20 bales and I was starting to get nervous. An empty hay barn is a dispiriting spectacle. No crone can rest easy in a hay vacuum. Two years ago, as a result of the worst drought since the dawn of time, you couldn’t get a flake of hay in Cottonmouth …

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Feb 12

Manure, hair dye, and more beetles

Carried off on a wave of enthusiasm for beetles, yesterday I posted these photos in the comments. Considering their sheer gaudiness, the notion of promoting these handsome bugs to the front page suggested itself. This is a rainbow scarab, notable not only for its ginormous prong and iridescent awesomeness, but for its taste for horse …

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Nov 25

Crone doesn’t rule out becoming turkey-brothers with feral cat

Lest I be accused of insufficient cat blogging — I think it is an Internetian misdemeanor when a blogger can be demonstrated to have access to a cat and yet cat-blogs not — here is the latest photo of Smudge. Smudge is the name I’ve given to the feral cat who’s been hanging around here …

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Nov 08

Crone stares daily at unusable barn

If you seek relief from the spectre of my horse’s threadworm-infested belly button, here is the new barn. It was supposed to have been finished by winter, but as you can see it’s still in its underwear. I think I’m gonna paint it the color of the underside of a live oak leaf. It will …

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