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Feb 15

Hay there

We were down to about 20 bales and I was starting to get nervous. An empty hay barn is a dispiriting spectacle. No crone can rest easy in a hay vacuum. Two years ago, as a result of the worst drought since the dawn of time, you couldn’t get a flake of hay in Cottonmouth …

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Nov 25

Crone keeps hanging out on Savage Death Island

No sooner do I abandon my perfectly defunct patriarchy blaming blog in order to focus on A Crone’s Natural History Adventures in the Hinterland, than I start patriarchy blaming again. My genetic blamer mutation will not be denied, I guess. Clearly I have yet to work a few kinks out of the system. Well, until …

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Nov 24

Crone’s remarks on turkey-pardoning take a patriarchy-blaming turn

No one was more surprised than I when it was discovered that misogynist celebrity self-promotion vehicle PETA and I have a peeve in common. I allude to the annual heartwarming presidential pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkeys. PETA is against it because it “makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle, intelligent birds.” …

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Nov 19

Pink apocalypse (Apinkalypse) part 957


Shoptivism. That’s when people who have a little too much breast cancer awareness buy crap with pink ribbons all over it. Thanks to the awareness-behemoth Komen Foundation, there isn’t a soul anywhere in the known universe who isn’t aware as all get-out. Well, let me clarify. Hardly anybody is aware that Komen, in all its …

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Nov 10

Crone complains about horse dudes

Ginger Rogers is off to the vet this morning. I want the doc to have a look at her belly-bomb. It is now the size of Guam and is leaking fluid in torrents. Trailering horses is a nightmare. I just don’t do it often enough to get good at it. I am a lone crone, …

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