Dec 06

Crone posts heartwarming dog photo in lieu of essay

Last night it was 62 F outside so we had to have a fire or we would die.


What’s that smell? The dog roasting. You literally have to pry my yella lab Franny away from a fire. She thinks she’s a suckling pig.

Incidentally, if you ever find yourself in need a dog with a mind like a superball who persists in a state of relentless good humor, I suggest a 2-year-old yella lab. Mine has never been in a bad mood, or even so much as a slight funk, since she was 8 weeks old.


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  1. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    That photo is better than most commercially-available greeting cards!

    My husky mix does the same thing with a/c outlets in the summer. She cannot bear temperatures above 70 degrees. Also wet paws. And beds that are not arranged to her exacting specifications. A sleeping area in disarray can make her cry. She’s pretty dainty for a former stray from the streets of Mansfield.

  2. ew_nc

    Wow, Fran grew into a good-looking dog. Very photogenic.

  3. Mary Caulkins

    Awwww! Cuteness! Sweet sweet looking lovable dog! If I were there I’d be on the floor in a doggie hug

  4. quixote

    Yeah, what is it about labs? Also hummingbirds. They’re either asleep or 100% on. They never need coffee.

  5. Ron Sullivan

    Two years old, wow; I remember when you got her. She looks all mature n shit now.

  6. Ruby Lou

    Fran! What a handsome gal she grew into! Being part-lizard myself, I also enjoy toasting in front of any available radiant heat source when the temperature drops below 70 F. Regarding the indefatigable good humor of labs, this very week I found online a series of ‘stuck dog’ photos. ‘Stuck’ as in physically restrained by inadvertent squeezing into a space too small to be squeezed out of. Most of the dogs pictured express varying degrees of chagrin at being stuck. But one picture is of a black lab, not very stuck between the vertical struts of a gate (google ‘black lab stuck in gate’). This dog is in no way pained or even inconvenienced with her stuckness. The look on her face reads “Hi! Great to see ya! Yeah, stuck. But have you been to the lake yet? Gorgeous, right? Got any peanut butter? Hey, check out my ears, that really soft part, yeah that one.”

  7. Gertrude Strine

    Such a softness in that gaze.
    She has no time to indulge in mood swings, with a responsibility-beleaguered crone to watch over.
    The proper study of dogkind is man: “the glory, jest, and riddle of the world”.

  8. EmJ

    Our South Carolinian yella lab sounds like Franny’s twin. She would absolutely roast herself if we let her! I stopped over from COTH and thoroughly enjoy this blog!

  9. polarcontrol

    Maybe she’s cheerful because she’s managed to stay well away from politics? http://comicsecomics.blogspot.fi/2010/05/mans-best-friend.html

  10. c2t2

    I dunno. I remember the video of Fran after she was fixed; no good humor there. She was all sadness and woe.

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