Nov 08

Crone stares daily at unusable barn

New barnIf you seek relief from the spectre of my horse’s threadworm-infested belly button, here is the new barn. It was supposed to have been finished by winter, but as you can see it’s still in its underwear. I think I’m gonna paint it the color of the underside of a live oak leaf. It will then become invisible, so I won’t have to look at it in its frustrating, unfinished state.


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  1. tarr

    Oooh. Likey.

  2. Map

    Where the hell is Travis? Wasn’t that his name? The cute dude? Maybe he is taking the results of Election badly. I’m reading that some RWers are terribly upset. Lots and lots of tears. Secret Service is on Top Alert.

    But the barn does look good. And TX doesn’t really have winter, does it? Winter starts when 12-21-12? Hey, that’s that Mayan Calendar ‘big day.’ Maybe you won’t have to worry about the barn after all. Kidding.

    In a way, I’ll be a bit bummed when I wake up on 12-22-12 and nothing has changed. I want CHANGE, damn it. A total shift of the paradigm where cooperation is admired and competition is over. And barns are finished on time!

  3. The Crone of Cottonmouth County

    Travis was bummed about the election. Poor little guy. I felt sorry for him, and for my Obama-hata of a mother, too. I know what they’re going through, after having lived through 2 elections that resulted in W.

  4. Mary

    Hmmmm…you could paint it hot pink!

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