Oct 23

Disgusting tableau of the day

Gator seatOut here in the fields, I see creepy and disgusting things all day, every day. Today’s first creepy thing was a 2-inch millipede strolling across the bathroom floor at 5:30 AM. Today’s first disgusting thing was a pile of puke on the seat of my Gator.

I attribute the puke to the feral cat that’s been hanging around here for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t had a cat in a while, but emanating from those ancient days is the dim memory of the universal feline willingness to screw me over whenever possible. This yakk situation has “cat” written all over it. Out of pity and gullibility I’ve been feeding it lots of super-premium canned cat food, so why shouldn’t it hop up on my Gator and vomit?


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  1. minervaK

    Feral cat yak is nature’s social lubricant!

  2. minervaK

    (i.e., s/he likes you)

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe

    Sure as fucke looks like catte puke to me!

  4. Kwailin

    Mixing threads to say, a new blog! And to hear that you are fine. Hooray! Adding my thanks for IBTP. It’s been more important to me than I can adequately say.

    And now on-thread: speaking as a sometime cat lady, I’ve found that the paste style of cat food, premium or no, leads to far less yakking than the chunks-in-gravy style.

  5. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    At least it wasn’t spewed across the kitchen floor where you could slip on it in the dark, fall and job your knee.

  6. Jojo

    This cat is definitely YOUR cat now — you’ve been marked!

  7. tinfoil hattie

    Cats are like very wily perma-toddlers. Dogs too, maybe – but not as smart.


    We have THREE foundling cats living in our house with us (previously feral kittens), which in addition to making the entire house smell like cat pee has led to the famous (male) utterance, “We don’t need to change the sheets. It’s just CAT PUKE”.

    (We changed them. After I stopped laughing)

  9. Friend of Snakes

    Just leave it be. Cat’ll be back to re-eat it later if’n it has any sense a’tall.

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