Nov 07

Ginger Rogers afflicted


Well, it’s official. Ginger Rogers has onchocerciasis.

That’s right. Parasitic worms living in the connective tissue in her neck — and may I say holy shit — have migrated to her umbilicus and are causing a crusty, weepy edema about the size of a grapefruit.

Shoot me now.

Photo: Ginger Rogers’ swollen belly button oozing serum in 3 places. Woot.


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  1. Anonymous

    Good Lord, horses really are grotesque, aren’t they :(

  2. Nolabelfits

    WTF? How do you get rid of that? Does it make her feel like shit?

  3. The Crone of Cottonmouth County

    She’s itchy. Ivermectin paste will supposedly fix it. But what do I know? Except that it’s disgusting.

  4. gingerest

    Your tales of bucolic bliss really do make me grateful for my polluted, crowded, spiritually bankrupt, horseless urban life.

  5. Tarr

    Ah. Don’t worry. Ivermectin is cheap and easy to find. I’ve read that most horses have some life stage of this in/ on their bodies.

    When you think bout it, we humans are sacks of parasites, too.

  6. buttercup

    1) Poor Ginger Rogers!

    2) Ewwwwwwwwww!!!

  7. Belle

    Yikes. That’s really not the way I meant to start my morning. And your posts make me understand that my dream of horsiness heaven would require a couple of money-suck, legalized extorting insurance companies to keep going. Horses are moving money-pits! Good luck, and take care that those suckers don’t invade you! Is that ick contagious???

  8. ChariD

    Blarg. So sorry, Ginger Rogers.

  9. magriff

    I’m very grateful to you for going through the childhood-reliving horse-nostalgia thing publicly, so I don’t have to in a few years when I morph into a crone myself. ‘Cause heretofore that had been a goal. It’s not anymore!

  10. Ol-Lozy Ram

    Aw. Poor Ginger! Explains the itchy eye thing too, maybe? Might have to go through a couple of lifecycles to knock it down, but it’ll improve.
    Our nightmare du jour is dealing with a dog that has recurrent anal sac abcesses. Loads of fun spending quality time with fingers in a doggie bung-hole.

  11. Map

    Poor Ginger Rogers. I hope the Ivermectin relieves her of those parasites very soon.

    Maybe Ginger Rogers has to stop dancing in those damn high heels and kick Fred in the shin? Bad joke, huh?

    Best to both of you.

  12. Ron Sullivan

    Once again, you have made me grateful to be able to spend time gazing at the sunset light on Somebody Else’s Horses.

    This also makes me understand why those trail rides around Five Brooks on Point Reyes cost so much I’ll never get to take one. Birding on horseback is something I’ve kinda done once in days gone by, and I keep wanting to try it again. On Somebody Else’s Horse, natch.

    BTW, have you read Parasite Rex yet? Mind-reshaping.

  13. pheenobarbidoll

    Well now I’m itchy.

  14. quixote

    Parasitology: for those who like their nightmares unforgettable.

  15. quixote7

    This is giving me combat flashbacks to my parasitology class. Look up guinea worms if you think that’s just a figure of speech. The only good news is that I don’t think horses get them.

  16. The Crone of Cottonmouth County

    UPDATE: The umbilical edema is now about the size of half a football (the American kind), and is dripping serum like a faucet. She’s rubbing the crap out of her tail because she can’t get to her belly button to scratch. Just now I scratched it for her when mucking off the crust and I thought she was gonna die of gratitude. Other, smaller oozy eruptions, about the size of walnuts, are popping up on her neck and withers. Holy shit! She goes to the vet tomorrow morning.

  17. ljdugan

    Ah, horses. How well I remember. You might as well raise hot house orchids. By the way, I babysat my neighbors’ horses, brought carrots and apples and made the mistake of walking into the pasture with them. Needless to say, I was mauled. IBTH.

  18. TwissB

    Isn’t it about time for some heartwarming nature crap?

    And what about yesterday’s darling Stanley?

  19. Friend of Snakes

    I’m betting it’s about time for an injectable parasiticide. I see a whole buncha syringes in The Crone’s future.

  20. shopstewardess

    Will we get a hilarious video of the abcess being drained?

  21. ElizaN

    Seconding buttercup. Also,

    3)Soon I will learn to turn images off before visiting here.

  22. The Crone of Cottonmouth County

    And what about yesterday’s darling Stanley?

    Stanley’s galooty ways turned out to be a bit beyond my skill set, so he went to a much more capable 11-year-old girl.

  23. Mary

    Eewww! Po Po Ginger Rogers

    Never heard of such!!

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