Nov 02

Overheard on the construction site

The scene: a couple of dude carpenters in their early 30s are shooting nail guns into barn rafters 25 feet up. Distorted Christian rock blares from overdriven radio speakers in nearby Ford F-150.

Texan Carpenter A: Marilyn Manson actually really scares me.

Texan Carpenter B: Whoa, I know! He’s a freak.

A: You know who else? Alice Cooper. He’s out there, too.

B: He’s the one who eats babies, right?

A: Yeah, he’s probly pro-abortion.

Marilyn Manson photo swiped from here.


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  1. Lovy Jones

    Lord have Mercy :(

  2. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    If they weren’t such dupas, they’d know Alice is a card-carrying Republican.

  3. Passerine

    Alice Cooper is a born-again Christian. That was probably even him singing Christian rock on the radio and those dudes didn’t even know it.

  4. tinfoil hattie

    Who told those dudes that abortions are performed by eating babies? Damn! Our secret is out.

  5. M.K. Hajdin

    Why do we have to look at Marilyn Manson? All I see when I look at him is the dude who made a horrible video about his fantasies of killing his ex-wife. Also, his creepy relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter.

    I know this isn’t a patriarchy blaming blog per se, but does the patriarchy need to stare us in the face in such an unnerving manner?

  6. The Crone of Cottonmouth County

    M.K. Hajdin:

    Why do we have to look at Marilyn Manson?

    Nobody has to look at Marilyn Manson. That’s what the back button is for.

  7. Fictional Queen

    But if he likes to eat babies, surely he wouldn’t be pro-abortion! That’d be ruining his food supply! He’d be anti-abortion so the food can come out!

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